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Threshold Climbing, Fitness + Yoga is a world-class indoor climbing facility. Our passion is Climbing! and we are  dedicated to providing our community with the education and experience of one of the world’s fastest growing and most rewarding sports!

Are you looking to mix up your regular gym routine?  Hoping to find something exciting for the whole family? Climbing can be all of that and more!  Try something that is rewarding, fun and a great exercise that gets you in shape without the boredom and burnout of a traditional gym.

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Threshold Climbing, Fitness and Yoga
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Bradley Gooch
01:29 08 Feb 20
Staff is fantastic, knowledgeable, friendly, and always willing to take moments to interact & keep you informed on safety and helping further educate there patron.Recomend all; from those who have never climbed, to the novice & experience climbers looking for a great gym to call home, aswell any and all professionals that happen to stumble through OKC."When you ride your bike, you're working your legs, but your mind is on a treadmill. When you play chess, your mind is clicking along, but your body is stagnating. Climbing brings it together in a beautiful, magical way. The adrenaline is flowing, and it's flowing all the time."Pat Amentread more
Ske Sisti
23:28 06 Feb 20
Great gym with awesome staff! Would recommend this gym to more
Rachel Romanczukiewicz
00:52 02 Feb 20
Really nice gym, definitely worth checking out if you're in OKC. I primarily climb at the Summit gyms in Dallas, so I came to check out the silos and Norman location and decided to come by Threshold as well. The gear shop is impressive and expansive. Definitely a good spot to come in and try shoes. They have a lot more options than REI did. Good routes. Nine auto-belays, top rope routes, lead, and boulder. A good gym to spend the day more
Austin McCrimmon
05:22 02 Jan 20
Awesome gym, one of the best you will find anywhere!read more
Cody M
16:25 10 Nov 19
Threshold is awesome. The gym is well maintained and the staff has always been helpful and more
Marshall MacHugh
21:24 26 Oct 19
Awesome climbing experience for my boys (6 & 8) at their friend's b-day party. The staff were friendly, accommodating, and organized. They have a ton of routes to choose from and nice more
Edgar Moran
06:39 07 Oct 19
Amazing place to get a workout while working out your brain and not getting bored! Coming here with friends and family is more
Brandon DeLong
21:46 10 Aug 19
Fun, safe, clean, and well staffed! I am not a climber by anyone’s definition, I am the rock wall equivalent to a bull in a china cabinet. Yet somehow every time I walk in I get treated like a rockstar and receive amazing customer service. When I struggle with what should be an easy climb the staff is always encouraging and regularly offer quick suggestions to get me up the wall if they have a spare second. I had no interest in climbing beyond my one day adventure with some friends just for giggles, and I was even frustrated by my own inability to climb well and it was the staff that changed that and got me hooked on climbing. I wanted to recognize some of them by name, but it wouldn’t be fair simply because there isn’t one person on the team that hasn’t been more
Katie Hamilton
21:21 09 Aug 19
Honestly I can’t say enough good things about this gym. The staff are super friendly and helpful. It’s got tons of bouldering, auto belay for beginners or if you don’t have a friend to belay. It also has some challenging lead climbing for the advanced crew. Clean and very well run and the prices are super reasonable. I did the 30 day trial for 30 dollars and it was more
Joshua Carter
19:14 03 Aug 19
Excellent time! They had a great deal going at the time I went and I plan on going back this week to take advantage of the 30 day more
Sam M
15:23 26 May 19
Super fun place. We had a birthday party here and it was great with ample space and friendly staff. The parties could definitely be more organized when it comes to fittings, gear handout, instruction, etc but overall it was good.Really interested in the season classes instead of traditional sports but website isn't more
David Rubenstein
15:48 15 Apr 19
It was a really great setup. We would have liked a few more auto-belay setups as well as a couple of real starter tracks. We were a group of 2 adults (long out of climbing shape) and 3 kids 5-7 years old with essentially no experience. We all had fun more
Andrew Foster
00:59 11 Apr 19
Nice gym and good atmosphere. I was in town at my in-laws house and went climbing to escape the madness of the holidays. Staff there were really friendly and helpful. Lots of routes to choose from. There were a lot of kids running around and it was pretty chaotic, but I imagine that was partly due to the holidays. I'll visit them again when I'm in town more
Megan Peacock
02:22 10 Apr 19
Had the BEST time!! I had never been to a climbing facility before and was nervous, but the staff was super helpful and everyone at the facility Climbing was also increadibly helpful and encouraging. Could not have asked for a better experience. Also, I rarely felt like we were waiting on a spot to climb and I was in a group of 10 on a Saturday afternoon. So many walls!!read more
Carlos Flores
16:01 08 Apr 19
Going through a hard time while in Oklahoma. I decided to join Threshold Climbing. The experience and how i felt by the end of the month was life changing. The many friends i met there. Staff members are friendly and professional. I'm now a rock climbing more
Dylan Williamson
15:07 08 Apr 19
Most staff is super helpful, fun, and friendly(Ash, Dan, & Claudia come directly to mind) others, whom I won't name, come off as annoyed or sassy every time I see them. The gym is super diverse with any type of climb you can imagine. The auto-belays are super convenient for climbing alone, however they are limited and normally have a line, especially in weekends, when most children(and their parents) don't respect the line and skip it all together. I would recommend finding a top roping partner and doing that rather than auto-belays, wait is slim to none and there are many more routes available. From time to time the gym is WAY too hot. When bringing this up with some of the staff they shrugged it off saying they didn't know what to do, while others assured me they would lower the thermostat, which imedietly made climbing significantly more enjoyable. The membership price comes off as a little pricy, but it only takes 4 climbs per month to begin saving money, which for me, climbing 2-4 times a week, I save an average of $132/month. The monthly guest pass is also a great addition.I cant say much for the other parts of the gym such as the ninja warrior area, the bouldering, the yoga room, and the gym, however everything always appears as nice and clean.The workout achieved by climbing is much more than I originally thought. When I began I has almost no muscle and weighed 160. Three months later I weighed 175, all gain in muscle .At the end of it all, even when it's busy, it's a great time, whether it's multiple times a week or just once or twice. I love bringing friends and family, and just hanging out for hours on more
Josh Hallman
00:11 05 Apr 19
🧗‍♀️🧗🏽‍���️🧗🏻‍♀️🧗🏿‍♀️🧗🏽‍♀️🧗🏿‍♀️🧗🏿‍♂️🧗🏽‍♂️🧗🏻‍♂️🧗‍♂️🧗🏽‍♂️🧗🏻‍♂️THRESHOLD is the gym of the future! A knowledgeable bunch of awesome climbers/employees always on point. This state of the art facility makes a seemingly dangerous and extreme sport accessible to anyone. Try the trial, get hooked. Buy your gear after a few gym sessions. The staff will hook you up with only the essentials. Climbing at the gym keeps our family in shape to do more of the things we love while giving us that dopamine rush we all seek in a great workout. SEND IT OKC!read more
L. Duell
04:28 05 Mar 19
Wonderful facility and competent staff. A wide range of bouldering and auto-belay options are available for solo climbers and kids, which make this facility a fantastic place to climb. There are multiple classes for both kids and adults in addition to open climbing. Highly more
Daniel Bruno
01:09 02 Feb 19
Wow. Nice, clean facility with helpful staff and not over-priced. I took my 4 year old and we had an absolute blast. Safe environment with excellent more
Josh Wayland
15:55 30 Nov 18
Awesome climbing gym. Great facilities, good equipment, and friendly staff. I just wish their family memberships were a little more affordable. We'd love to visit more more
sarah mae
01:12 17 Nov 18
would definitely recommend, & already have, this place to everyone!! super friendly staff & even the other guests were friendly & helpful! super clean & inviting environment! only negative would be that the cubby's to put your personal belongings are wide open on the floor...i would suggest leaving your phone in the car or bringing a bag with your own lock on it 😁😁😁read more
Tyler Allen
16:24 14 Nov 18
I've had my first and absolutely not my last experience here just the other day. I took advantage of the Veterans day promotion that was takes place here, and even though I was a day late (Got the promo dates mixes up, was not my fault! =P) They still hooked me up with a discount after insisting not too. The staff then walked me though a tour of the facility and made me feel so comfortable, I forgot that this was my first visit and that i was not just talking with an old friend! Then, the climbing started. Now, I used to be in peak shape in high school, and in the Army - Then, I became a dad.... So being out of shape, I was a bit intimidated. After hitting my first wall, I completely forgot about all that and just realized how much fun I was having. 15 walls and 2 hours later, It was time to go home (After getting some much earned S&B first) the next day, I saw damn near bed ridden. That was by far the most intense work out i'd even had without even knowing it. I will get getting my membership soon! SO MUCH FUN! and WELL worth the price which is NOT that bad!!!read more
Scott Nachatilo
21:05 28 Oct 18
Such a great facility! My daughter and I love to go there and work out together. I'm a 50+ year old who does office work. When I first started, I could barely do one push up. Since I've started (about a month ago), my upper body strength has increased measurably. I now easily do 50+ push ups. And, my climbing skills are getting better every more
John Sigl
21:34 21 Oct 18
I had never been to a climbing gym before and I instantly fell in love. The staff is amazing and the facility is spotless. There is an awesome vibe and you immediately feel at home. The staff as well as the other members are always willing to offer help or advice on the more technical climbs. If you stop in for a afternoon you will want to join. I'll be back more
Jason Patterson
00:44 21 Oct 18
Great place with lots to do. Climb or rest up while playing ping pong. Awesome gym in the back to build strength!read more
H Ch-Y
19:22 07 Oct 18
Went there with the kids for the first time. Agree with previous reviews the staff are amazing! Very helpful and friendly. We got our orientation which was very simple. I put in 4 because of the price. It was only 1 adult and 2 kids and it cost around $80. So we will be visiting but not as frequently as we want! There is membership options but I don’t know if we want to commit yet!read more
Sabrina Lecinski
20:12 21 Aug 18
The staff is very friendly, very thorough and willing to help out. I like that they have a lot of different activities from climbing, to yoga, and a fitness room. They even have kids activities. It is a great place for the family to spend time more
Hannah Hoover
12:39 14 Aug 18
Had an amazing time at Threshold! I was visiting from Canada and they were extremely welcoming. I LOVED the facility and I’m looking forward to getting a membership there one day 🙂read more
Megan Ladd
05:32 09 Aug 18
This is THE BEST gym I have ever been to. It’s clean, bright, the staff is incredibly friendly.. Threshold has created such a welcoming bond in their community that it doesn’t matter how hard or high you climb - they’re just glad you’re out being active. They keep changing routes so it’s always fun and challenging! I love it!read more
Ainhoa Rivera
21:59 03 Aug 18
Absolutely fun!! I don’t climb on a daily basis but I still could have some good time there! I wish they would open one in Greenville,SCread more
Benjamin Nace
13:34 24 Jul 18
Threshold is still a top notch climbing gym. The facility is big, clean, and expansive. They have a great pro-shop with a lot of goods. Their bouldering section is large with plenty of problems. The rope section is also large with tall ceilings and plenty of problems. It's also a very clean gym more
LIndsey Guthrie
02:45 24 Jul 18
My first time climbing I was very nervous. I was scared the gym was going to be intimidating. However I was pleasantly surprised! The staff treated as if I was family right off the bat and remembered me when I came back. Everyone there, including fellow climbers, were so encouraging and kind. Everyone is there to have fun and they will, without a doubt, be seeing more of more
04:23 19 Jun 18
Probably the best facility in this entire region. Staff are very professional and friendly, with a strong focus on safety and technique. There is something here for every level. I hope they do very well and become very successful and some day build a facility on the SOUTH SIDE OF OKC HINT HINT WINK more
Blythe Donovan
22:12 18 Jun 18
My 10 year old had a blast at his birthday party last month, so we went back to let him climb again today. The staff remembered us, welcomed us and helped get him set up to climb. The facility is clean, the staff is friendly, and letting my son wear himself out for a couple hours is a win in my book!read more
Joey Pauga
04:40 16 Jun 18
This is a great place. The staff was very accommodating to my group. The place is very clean including the restrooms.This place has a workout gym with free weights, cardio machines and other workout equipment. There is also a room for party events that has arcade games and tables setup in it. We played a giant game of Jenga.The 50 foot wall is awesome and amazing. There is an Olympic Speed climbing wall, a tight rope, and an "American Ninja" area as well. This place is spacious and not crowded and they've been open for a little under 2 years. Great place and I highly recommend it. Wish there was a place like this in more
Falco Filotto
13:49 05 Apr 18
Speaking from experience of climbing at climbing gyms around the world this gym is top quality! Super friendly and helpful staff, pretty phenomenal route setting, full speed wall, bouldering, sport, training section, yoga room, a chill out area, gear store, everything you need. A lot of thought went into this place and the layout is great! Honestly I think it’s my number one favourite gym to have climbed at. Hopefully I get to come back for another session soon if work doesn’t take me too more
James Dixon
02:57 14 Mar 18
Easy and fast registration. Staff is friendly and very helpful. The climbing opportunities seem endless. All of the routes that I tried were ranked consistently. The routes were not height dependent. The lighting is excellent. All facilities are very clean. Great gym!read more
Samantha Quigley Guffey
19:08 13 Mar 18
We had the best experience as a family! This is the perfect place to take your adventurous kids. They will love the Boulder and Auto Belay Climbing walls. There are all sorts of courses for all ages and levels of climbers. Also, what a workout! Talk about strength training! Check it out with your family or friends, it really is a great place to have fun and workout for several hours! We were there for almost 3.5 hours our first more
Alex Muse
21:52 16 Feb 18
Great place to climb, it's cheap to rent gear and easy to get started. They always keep their routes updated so you don't have to climb the same thing over and over. They have great bouldering if you don't want to harness up! They actually hold competitions here often. It's clean and the staff is nice. It's a fun place to hang out in general with ping pong tables and other work out more
Elizabeth Dresser
02:19 26 Jan 18
I really adore Threshold. The owner, the teachers, and the employees are friendly and helpful. No matter what your fitness level, there is something fun for you to do there. Other than the terrific climbing routes (bouldering, top rope, auto-belays, lead climbing, sport climbing, speed climbing), they also have a gym, party/meeting room, and arcade. And some comfy couches for when you take a breather or a place to relax while your husband climbs "just one more route" 😀 It sounds like I work for them, but really, it is just a great more
Darrel Voth
14:35 18 Jan 18
We brought in a large group of young homeshool kids and they were great with us! They were organized, patient, helpful, engaged and didn’t cut any corners with us. That made sure we were taken care of, having fun and being safe. The facilities are nice, too. Good climbing for beginner to advanced!read more
Daniel Schuerch
13:51 18 Jan 18
Threshold is a great place for those trying out climbing for the first time and for experts wanting to improve their skill. The staff is friendly and committed to making a fun and safe environment. You can't get a better deal that includes a first class indoor climbing environment, yoga, and workout room access all for the same more
Savanna Dobbs
12:40 18 Jan 18
Love this place! We went for the first time last week (we are fairly new to indoor rock climbing) and the staff was very helpful and made sure we were confident when he turned us loose to explore and climb on our own. The facility is incredible, due to not only the variety of walls, but with the gym, yoga studio and the "American Ninja Warrior" styled obstacle course, this business has it all! I would definitely trade my gym membership for access to all these activities in one place. Bathrooms were very clean and we loved the atmosphere!read more
Nathan Zamudio
16:05 14 Jan 18
Took the kids to a birthday party and discovered this is a hidden gem in Oklahoma! Way to go Threshold! Kids fell in love with the climbing! Got really good really fast! My daughter conquered fears after fears. Will be recommending to everyone! Staff was unbelievably kind and helpful! Can’t wait to go back!read more
Ju young Vanderwater
03:37 09 Jan 18
Love this gym! Our family was totally new to climbing (no experience AT ALL), but we enjoyed our first visit so much, we ended up getting memberships and have been going for months now. The staff members are so friendly, the facility is well maintained and clean, and it's fun! I love the activities they plan (for members and non-members) and classes that are offered (yoga). I would highly recommend this gym to everyone!read more
Jordan Vega
05:25 06 Jan 18
This gym is by far one of the best climbing gyms out there. I have been to a couple in Houston and in Tulsa. This place has a ton of routes and bouldering options. The walls are very high and food for mileage. It would be a five but the price is pretty more
Adam Peters
22:07 04 Jan 18
I'm so psyched that the OKC area has finally got a modern, professional climbing gym in Threshold. The facility is excellent, staff is professional, and the setting is SICK!!! Now, I'll look even more forward to my trips to more
Jessica Clayton
19:50 02 Jan 18
Amazing climbing gym! Fun for the entire family! Very friendly and helpful more
Amber Davis
19:23 28 Dec 17
Wonderful facility, excellent routes that are updated frequently, quality equipment, and friendly knowledgeable staff. Also, the yoga classes are a true spiritual more
Stacey McGuire
20:43 20 Dec 17
The staff is so courteous and helpful. We haven't started yet, but I am pleased with the first impression. My boys and I are very excited!read more
Jerry Caughman
18:36 29 Nov 17
Great place with gym and climbing all in one. They keep things fresh by changing problems constantly. Young but knowledgeable and friendly more
Chad Hoskins
13:55 23 Nov 17
Took my 5 year old to try it out. He really enjoyed it! Cool, fun, clean more
Julie Tucker
18:47 22 Nov 17
We attended with a school fieldtrip. The set up is great, the staff is knowledgeable and clearly love to teach and climb themselves. Clean and comfortable facility! My kids and I agree we will be more
Aaron boss
18:37 22 Nov 17
Great place. It was my first time rock climbing. The instructors are nice and friendly. Everyone there is welcoming. The experience was great all more
Tim Turner
20:54 17 Oct 17
High quality facility, great people working there. I’ve seen climbing gyms all over Texas, in Atlanta, and in Colorado. This one rivals the best of those in quality and more
Michael Foster
01:45 04 Oct 17
I love this gym! It is a fantastic facility with a good variety of both bouldering and roped climbs ranging from beginner to advanced skill levels. The facility is always very clean and the gear shop is stocked with whatever I need. The best part about this place is the staff. They are both very friendly and knowledge. I feel like they go the extra mile to make sure everyone is safe and fully understands what they are doing. They have done a fantastic job keeping the routes and boulder problems updated and fresh. It motivates me to try harder on projects because it might change before the next time I come. Threshold is fun for my whole family and we all love more
CareySue Vega
15:37 26 Sep 17
Amazing place. Staff is great. The gym is clean and comfortable with so many different climbing options for all levels. Highly more
Jonathan Crowe
03:08 15 Aug 17
Is a whole lot of fun for my whole family. Staff is friendly and helpful. Facilities are top notch. I wish prices were a bit lower, but the $10 Tuesday's more
Samuel Castles
16:59 12 Aug 17
Boss routes. Great service. A bit on the pricey side for day passes (but they include yoga!) but totally worth it. The gear selections in their shop is pretty good more
Jennifer Reser
22:23 03 Aug 17
My family has really enjoyed Threshold. The staff are very patient, helpful, and friendly-- also very knowledgeable. The price is reasonable and the facility is always clean and bright. My sons are not into team sports and this has been a great more
Wax Ross
22:04 30 May 17
The building itself is a work of art.When you walk in you're instantly brought down to size with the massive walls all around you. There are numerous types of climbing walls for all ages and all climbing levels. It's a great place for the family or just a place to train and work on technique. All-round Threshold is one of a more
cort smith
02:36 18 May 17
Best climbing gym ever.. not to mention all the extra amenities. The price is more than fair and the staff is very nice, knowledgeable and professional. The classes they offer are awesome. I started climbing very recently and after some help and tips from the Threshold staff, I was able to solo the Dawn Wall a few days ago. Thanks guys! Couldn't have done it without you! Also, parking is ample and there are good restaurants in the immediate more
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Threshold Climbing, Fitness and Yoga
Based on 18 Reviews
Bea D.
2019-01-26 20:00:16
Something NEW and DIFFERENT in fitness for everyone! Way to get the family and friends off the couch. Such a clean and beautiful enviornment. more
Julie T.
2018-09-07 17:40:01
Wonderful place to exercise with the whole family!! We love it!!! The kids love to climb and we stay for hours. They also have yoga and an exercise room more
Jake B.
2018-06-22 11:33:33
In town visiting and we stopped by for a little climb- the people are super friendly, the environment is great, the route setters rock, and the more
Ivan L.
2018-01-30 20:32:01
Enjoyed this climbing gym! Since I am far from being a kid, it was nice to also have comfy couches there to rest on between climbing sessions as well. more
Alan G.
2018-01-15 06:16:27
Threshold was recommended to us by a friend so we thought we'd try it out. Rock climbing was definitely not something we did but the kids wanted to try more
Darrel V.
2017-01-18 06:37:22
We brought in a large group of young homeshool kids and they were great with us! They were organized, patient, helpful, engaged and didn't cut any more
Kimberly M.
2016-05-06 09:32:55
From serious climbers to novice wannabe's - this place has something for everyone. I attended today because my kid was invited to a party and was more
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